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Affordable Physicals in Bonita Springs, FL

Dr. Domingo Feliciano at Bonita Family Care is experienced in providing physical exams for patients of all ages. Schools, sports teams, jobs, professional licenses, and immigration services can all require different kinds of medical certification. We are prepared to address most at affordable prices, with or without health insurance. (Click here for resources such as common forms for your physical.)

If you and your family get your physicals with Dr. Feliciano and would like to continue to see him as a family care doctor, click here to learn about our other medical services.

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Doctor exam for Child

Sports Physicals and
Physicals for School 

Students in every grade from pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade must have a “school entry health exam” (Form posted here.) within one year before their first year of school in Florida. If your child has not attended school in Florida or is starting public school for the first time, this exam is required before they enroll.

Many high schools in and near Bonita Springs, FL, require a sports physical before students can play school sports. (More common forms here.) Both of these exams have some of the same parts. They include:
  • Recording height and weight to track growth.
  • Checking vital signs, like heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature.
  • Testing your child’s sight and hearing.
  • Checking for anything unusual in bone or joint growth that can make daily activity difficult or make it unsafe to play sports.
  • Checking muscle strength and reflexes.

If you have questions about what your school or sports team requires, call Bonita Family Care at (239) 992-4344.
Physicals and Exams in Bonita Springs, Florida

Physicals for Jobs (Includes CDL and DOT Medical Exams)

If you are planning to get or renew a commercial driver license (CDL) and/or work as a professional driver according to the Department of Transportation (DOT) in Florida, you have to complete a medical exam for certification to receive a CDL or DOT Med Card. Dr. Feliciano is a certified DOT medical examiner who can complete these physical examinations at Bonita Family Care.

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These physicals include, at minimum:
  • Checking your vision.
  • Checking your hearing.
  • Checking your vital signs. (Heart rate, blood pressure, etc.)
  • Completing a urine test for basic health conditions.
  • Completing a full-body physical exam to check for any conditions that will affect your safety in operating your vehicle and affecting other drivers on the road.

Many other jobs require similar medical certifications. See our Resources page for commonly used forms. Call (239) 992-4344 if you need additional information, or to make an appointment.
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Physicals for Immigration to the United States

Arranging physical exams for immigration to the United States can feel overwhelming and costs quickly add up. Dr. Feliciano at Bonita Family Care is here to make that process as simple, reassuring, and affordable as possible.

The first important note is that Dr. Domingo A. Feliciano is a USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) Civil Surgeon, meaning he is certified to fill out an I-693 Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record. The vaccines and tests for this form require multiple visits, so it is important to start with your civil surgeon as soon as you can before your filing date.

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See our Resources page for links to forms and other tools on the USCIS website. Call (239) 992-4344 with additional questions or to schedule an appointment.

Whatever medical care you need, Bonita Family Care is here for you.

For all of your physical medical examination needs, Bonita Family Care is here to help. Dr. Feliciano is a kind doctor, comfortable in treating patients of all ages, and can help get your family moving toward your educational, employment, and personal goals. Call (239) 992-4344 or contact us to make an appointment. If you’d like to learn about other healthcare services Bonita Family Care can provide for your family, click here.