Family Care Clinic for Medical Services in Bonita Springs, FL
Family Care Clinic for Medical Services in Bonita Springs, FL

Family Care Clinic for Medical Services in Bonita Springs, FL

If you need reliable, affordable healthcare for your entire family, Bonita Family Care is here. Dr. Feliciano can help you with anything from:
  • Earaches and fevers in infants.
  • High school sports physicals for teenagers.
  • Regular check-ups and medication refills for adults and seniors. (For men and women)
  • Dermatological Issues (rashes, hives, and other skin conditions)
  • Back, knee, shoulder pain and more

Whatever your age or family size, we can help. Dr. Feliciano is also a bilingual doctor in English and Spanish.

Somos Bilingües en Inglés y Español.
We are Bilingual in English and Spanish.

Primary Health Care Services for Families | Bonita Springs
Primary Health Care Services for Families | Bonita Springs

Benefits of Primary Health Care Services for Families

Everyone needs a doctor at some point. Whether you need routine care for a chronic condition or help to ensure that your children are growing to be healthy and strong, Dr. Feliciano at Bonita Family Care can help. There are many advantages to finding a primary care doctor.

They include having:
  • Continuity of care. You don’t have to re-explain your health history every time you visit a doctor. This also allows you and your doctor to better treat and prevent major health issues by catching them early.
  • Easy access to your health record. Know why you were treated and when, without having to make several records requests. This is also important for vaccination records and services that require multiple visits.
  • Lower medical costs. A primary care doctor can treat many conditions, preventing more expensive trips to an urgent care clinic or emergency room.
  • Better communication. When your healthcare provider knows who you are and how to reach you, they can make sure you get the most important, clearest information possible about your health. Bonita Family Care’s small office is especially helpful here.

Each of these aspects is important to every individual’s healthcare. Imagine how much more important and complicated receiving quality medical care becomes when multiplied within a family. Receiving care from one primary physician for multiple people of varying ages in one convenient place is a household game-changer. Bonita Family Care can be that game-changer. We can help make your family’s life happier, healthier, and simpler.
Bonita Family Care Physician
Bonita Family Care Physician

Keep the Cost of Medical Care Low with an Affordable Family Doctor

One of the other significant parts of family medicine is keeping costs under control. You need access to many forms of care for family members of varying ages and different individual needs. All of that can add up quickly. At Bonita Family Care, we don’t want you to have to choose between the best medical care for your family and your financial security.

That’s why we:
  • Offer self-pay options. (Many of our patients don’t have health insurance.)
  • Accept Medicare (Please note that we can only accept Medicaid if it is supplemental to Medicare.)
  • Accept private, employer, and Marketplace health insurance. (Call (239) 992-4344 to see if we accept your insurance.)

Whatever medical care you need, Bonita Family Care is here for you.

Bonita Family Care is here if you want to find a primary care physician for your whole household, from your babies to your great-grandparents. Dr. Domingo Feliciano is accepting new patients and is excited to take care of you. If you are in Bonita Springs, or nearby Naples or Fort Myers please call (239) 992-4344 or contact us today to make an appointment. Hablamos Español.